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    Mountain Protected Areas in a Changing World
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The Krkonoše Mts. National Park Administration is pleased to invite you to attend a conference that will be held on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the designation of the first Czech National Park.

The hosts of this conference organized under the auspices of the Ministry of Environment of the Czech Republic are the Krkonoše and Karkonosze National Park Administrations.

Conference Venue

The conference will be held from May 21st to 24th, 2013, in the resort of Špindlerův Mlýn (Hotel Harmony, http://www.harmonyclub.cz), Czech Republic (140 km north of Prague).

The aim of the conference is to discuss the current knowledge on past and ongoing changes in mountain natural systems and mountain landscapes transformed under increasing pressure from consumer society. The Krkonoše National Park is an outstanding example of a European medium-altitude mountain area, highly suitable for demonstration of long-term scientific activities and widespread use of scientific understanding in the protection of the mountains.

Conference Topics

• Experience from the past half century relating to research, scientific understanding, and management of mountain protected areas.
• Highlights of the scientific research in the Krkonoše National Park during the last fifty years.
• Significant changes in the stability and carrying capacity of present-day ecosystems of European medium-altitude mountain ranges.
• Implementation of effective management tools in mountain protected areas - possibilities and limits.
• The status, tasks and activities of people in the Krkonoše/Karkonosze National Parks and other similar mountain protected areas.
• Current environmental conflicts and possible solutions in the Krkonoše National park.

The working language of the Conference will be English

The organizers invite participation from all people with an involvement or interest in research and protection of mountain nature and landscape (e.g. in Natural Sciences, Forestry, Farming, Nature Conservation, Social Geography, Regional Development, etc.).

Session I – Mountain Protected Areas in a Changing World
5 general contributions summarizing changes in mountain environments over the last decades (invited speakers from natural and socio-geographical disciplines).

Session II – High Mountains
10 overview contributions focused on nature and landscape changes in the upper parts (above the alpine tree-line) of mountain protected areas, particularly in the Krkonoše/Karkonosze Mountains (natural sciences, forestry, hydrology, climatology…).

Session III – Montane Landscape
10 overview contributions focused on nature and landscape changes in the lower and medium altitude belts of mountain protected areas, particularly in the Krkonoše/Karkonosze Mountains (natural sciences, forestry, farming hydrology, climatology…).

Session IV – Mountains and People
10 overview contributions focused on impact of the current land use in mountain protected areas on their geobiodiversity, particularly in the Krkonoše/Karkonosze Mountains (outdoor activities, changes of landscape infrastructure, building activities, EIA process…).

Poster Session
Case and preliminary studies on any aspects of nature and landscape protection in mountain environments. Participation of at least one of the authors during the poster presentation is required.

Call for papers:
Participants are kindly invited to submit abstracts of papers and posters related to the themes of the Conference (overview contributions – 15 minutes maximum + 5 minutes for discussion). Overview contributions should give a broader overview of a problem and/or contain a synthesis of past work of high scientific and societal significance. Scientific problems should be put into a spatial and temporal perspective that is wider than the three years that have separated conferences in the series of “Geoecological Problems of the Krkonoše/Karkonosze Mountains” so far.
Each submitted abstract will be subject to peer review and the conference organizers reserve the right to allocate the appropriate means of presentation to submitted contributions.

Registration and Accommodation

The registration form and information on fees and options for accommodation will be provided on the conference website.

Conference Proceedings

All accepted abstracts will be published in the official conference proceedings when at least one author is registered and the conference fee is paid. Proceedings will be provided to the participants in printed form as well as on the internet. Selected papers (accepted by the Editorial Board) will also be suggested for publication in a peer-reviewed journal Opera Corcontica.

Conference Steering Committee

Jaroslav Andrle - Krkonoše National Park Administration, Vrchlabí, Czech Republic
Jakub Hruška - Czech Geological Survey, Prague, Czech Republic
Jiří Hušek - Nature Conservation Agency of the Czech Republic, Prague, Czech Republic
Roksana Knapik - Karkonosze National Park Administration, Jelenia Góra, Poland
František Krahulec - Institute of Botany of the Czech Academy of Sciences, Průhonice, Czech Republic
Krzysztof R. Mazurski - Wrocław Technical University, Wrocław, Poland
Piotr Migoń - Chairperson, University of Wrocław, Poland
Jacek Potocki - University of Economics, Jelenia Góra, Poland
Andrzej Raj - Karkonosze National Park Administration, Jelenia Góra, Poland
Ivan Rynda - Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic
Bronislav Wojtuń - University of Wrocław, Poland
Tomáš Tesař - Deputy Minister of the Environment of the Czech Republic, Prague, Czech Republic
Jan Štursa - Secretary of the Conference Steering Committee, Vrchlabí, Czech Republic


All colleagues wishing to participate or to be informed about further details are requested to send an e-mail to:
Jan Štursa, Secretary of Conference Steering Committee, jstursa@krnap.cz
Jaroslav Andrle, Chairman of Conference Organizing Committee, jandrle@krnap.cz
Roksana Knapik, Conference Organizing Committee, roksana@kpnmab.pl
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