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    Mountain Protected Areas in a Changing World
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Session I Mountain Protected areas in a Changing World
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Andrzejewska Maria
Carpathian experience
Fanta Josef
Forests in Central European national parks: their protection and management
Johansson Margareta
The changing environment of the northern Swedish mountains
Slaymaker Olaf
Mountain Environment Changes in the Anthropocene Epoch
Session II High Mountains
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Hroneš Michal
What do we know about the downy willow (Salix lapponum L.) in the Krkonoše Mts.? Remarks on its ecology, population structure and the genetic variability
Jeník Jan
Topography and geo-ecological nature of Krakonoš´s Backgarden in the Giant Mountains
Kociánová Milena
Fifty years of avalanche research in the Giant Mountains
Štursa Jan
Development of opinions on the geobiodiversity of the Giant Mountains arctic-alpine tundra
Treml Václav
Trees are advancing higher and growing better along the treeline ecotone in the Sudetes Mountains
Vrba Jaroslav
Detecting environmental change – limnological research of mountain lakes in Central Europe
Session III Montane Landscape
img 5
Flousek Jiří
Birds – a flagship group of long-term scientific and management activities in the Krkonose Mts
Hruška Jakub
Recovery from soil acidification and its effect on Norway spruce conditions
Pawlik Łukasz
Catastrophic windthrows in the Karkonosze Mts. National Park – their ecological significance and geomorphic impact on hillslopes
Svoboda Miroslav
Variability of the disturbance regime in temperate mountain spruce forests of Central Europe
Vacek Stanislav
Status and development of the soils and tree compartment of forest ecosystemsand ecosystems above timberline in the Krkonoše Mts.NP in ears 1976–2012
Session IV Mountains and People
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Mazurski Krzysztof R.
The Karkonosze National Park and the English Geopark: Comparative Study of Protection and Education
Müllerová Jana
The impact of roads: effects on soil and species composition in a nutrient poor environment of the Krkonoše Mts alpine tundra
Tesař Miroslav
Early Warning System for Flash Floods in the Krkonoše Mts.
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