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    Mountain Protected Areas in a Changing World
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17:00 | Start of Registration/Accommodation
19:00 - 21:00 | Dinner
07:30 - 12:00 | Registration/Accommodation
09:30 - 10:20 | Opening Ceremony
(50th Anniversary of the Krkonoše National Park, Welcome and Opening Speeches)
10:20 - 10:35 | Coffee Break
10:35 - 13:30 | Session I – Mountain Protected areas in a Changing World
(5 key notes speeches with moderated panel discussion)
Moderator: Ladislav Miko (European Commission, Brussels)
Key note speakers:
10.40–11.00 Olaf Slaymaker
(The University of British Columbia, Vancouver)
Mountain Environment Changes in the Anthropocene Epoch
11.05–11.25 Terry V. Callaghan, Margareta Johansson & Christer Jonasson
(Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, Stockholm)
The changing environment of the northern Swedish mountains
11.30–11.50 Josef Fanta
(University of South Bohemia, Faculty of Science)
Forests in Central European national parks: their protection and management
11.55–12.15 Thomas Hansson & Carol Ritchie
(EUROPARC Federation, Regensburg)
EUROPARC Federation: working with mountain protected areas and local communities
12.20–12.40 Zbigniew Niewiadomski & Maria Andrzejewska
(Centrum UNEP/GRID-Warszawa)
Carpathian experience
12.45–13.15 Moderated panel discussion
13:30 - 14:30 | Lunch
14:30 - 17:00 | Session II – High Mountains (8 speakers)
Chair / Co-Chair: František Krahulec / Bronislaw Wojtuń
14.30–14.45 Zbyněk Engel, Andrzej Traczyk & Régis Braucher
Chronology of the Quaternary glaciations in the Krkonoše Mountains.
14.50–15.05 Milena Kociánová, Jan Jeník, Valerian Spusta & Andrzej Brzeziński
Fifty years of avalanche research in the Giant Mountains
15.10–15.25 Jaroslav Vrba, Jan Fott, Zuzana Hořická, Jiří Kopáček, Linda Nedbalová, Veronika Sacherová & Evžen Stuchlík
Detecting environmental change – limnological research of mountain lakes in Central Europe
15.30–15.45 Jan Štursa
Development of opinions on the geobiodiversity of the Giant Mountains arctic-alpine tundra
15.50–16.10 Coffee Break
16.10–16.25 Václav Treml, Tomáš Chuman, Tereza Ponocná, Lukáš Píro & Dita Bosczyková
Trees are advancing higher and growing better along the treeline ecotone in the Sudetes Mountains
16.30–16.45 Cezary Kabała, Adam Bogacz, Beata Łabaz & Jarosław Waroszewski
Mountain pine „rain forest” on the extremely skeletal soils in the Karkonosze Mountains
16.50–17.05 Jan Jeník
Topography and geo-ecological nature of Krakonoš´s Backgarden in the Giant Mountains
17.10-17.25 Michal Hroneš, Michal Sochor & Radim J. Vašut
What do we know about the downy willow (Salix lapponum L.) in the Krkonoše Mts.? Remarks on its ecology, population structure and the genetic variability
17:40 - 19:00 | Poster Session related to Session II (High Mountains)
Biereznoj-Bazille Urszula: The condition of the high-land Swertia perennis L. populations in Central Europe
Fabšičová Martina: Grasslands dominated by Deschampsia cespitosa – changes during last 50 years
Chrtek Jindřich & Szeląg Zbigniew: Krkonoše/Karkonosze Mts as an important interglacial refugium of high mountain hawkweeds (Hieracium s. str.)
Málková Jitka, Kociánová Milena, Prajsová Eva & Fedor Vojtěch: Extensive and intensive monitoring of endemic species Pedicularis sudetica Willd. in the Czech part of the Krkonose Mountains
Málková Jitka, Pávová Kateřina, Procházková Lucie & Prajsová Eva: Distribution of Campanula bohemica HRUBY on the czech part of the Krkonoše Mts. and its depence on the biotopes
Nedbalová Linda, Procházková Lenka, Kvíderová Jana & Kociánová Milena: Red snow algae from the Krkonoše Mts.: phylogeny and ecophysiological characteristics
Pusz Wojciech & Kita Włodzimierz: The health status of mountain pine‘s needles (Pinus mugo Turra) in subalpine zone of Karkonosze National Park
Robakowski Piotr, Dworzycki Krzysztof & Kroczek Marta: Morphological acclimation to irradiance and partitioning of energy absorbed by leaf in Saxifraga nivalis and Saxifraga basaltica
Souček, Jiří: Development of dwarf pine stands in Krkonoše Mts
Šenfeldr Martin & Maděra Petr: Tree-line dynamic in the East Sudetes
Šenfeldr Martin, Treml Václav, Maděra Petr & Volařík Daniel: Effects of dwarf pine stands on Norway spruce clonal groups in the treeline ecotone of the Hrubý Jeseník Mountains, Czech Republic
Špinlerová Zuzana: Dwarf Pine (Pinus mugo Turra) Biomass Estimation Methodology
Vojta Jaroslav, Sklenář Petr, Černý Martin & Nedbalová Linda: Spatial and temporal variation in snowpack and its relationship to vegetation composition above treeline at Králický Sněžník Mt., CzechRepublic
Wojtuń Bronisław & Przewoźnik Lidia: Mires of the Karkonosze National Park
Treml Václav, Kašpar Jakub & Zákravská Šárka: Timing and duration of xylem formation along the treeline ecotone in the Giant Mountains
Jankovská Vlasta: Vegetation of the West Carpathians in the Last Glacial Period. And what about Czech Massif in the same time?
Martiš Miroslav & Rýznar Vojtěch: Long term monitoring of Carabid beetles as biondicators of environmental changes in alpine zone of Krkonoše mountains during last decades
Materna Jan: What can the common tick say about climate change?
Miko Ladislav: Giant Mountains National Park as important source of biological diversity of oribatid mites (Acarina, Oribatida) in the Czech Republic
Kociánová Milena, Vaněk Jan & Harčarik Josef: Tundra of the Krkonoše Mts. in the context of international research
Uxa Tomáš, Křížek Marek, Engel Zbyněk &Treml Václav: Spatial distribution, morphology and clast arrangement of sorted polygons in the Krkonoše Mountains
Bojko Oskar & Kabała Cezary: Heavy metals content in sediments of Wielki Staw lake in Karkonosze Mts
Kocowicz Andrzej: Soil properties in the surrounding of the mountain hostel on the Karkonosze Mts National Park area
Kędzia Stanisław &Parzóch Krzysztof: The activity of debris flows in the Łomniczka Corrie in the light of lichenometric dating
Migała Krzysztof & Sobik Mieczysław: Manifestation of global change and climate variability in the Karkonosze
Urban Grzegorz& Tomczyński Karol: Trends in the variation in air temperature on Śnieżka Mt. in conjunction with solar activity in the period between 1881 and 2012
Krakowski Krzysztof: Influence of slope aspect and inclination on physical properties of snow cover in western part of Karkonosze Mts during winter season 2011/2012
Harčarik Josef: Snow relationships of the arctic-alpine tundra of the Giant (Krkonoše) Mts
Kociánová Milena, Jeník Jan, Spusta Valerian, Brzeziński Andrzej & others: Fifty years of avalanche research in the Giant Mountains
19:00 | Dinner
20:30 | Open debate on the topic:
“Communication between deaf foresters”
moderated by Leffert Oldenkamp (Wageningen, NL)
07:30 - 08:00 | Breakfast
08:30 - 11:30 | Session III Montane Landscape (7 speakers)
Chair / Co-chair: Josef Fanta / Krzysztof R. Mazurski
08.30–08.45 Krzysztof Parzóch & Anna Solarska
Morphodynamics of areas protected against erosion – the results of monitoring in the Karkonosze Mountains
08.50–09.05 Łukasz Pawlik
Catastrophic windthrows in the Karkonosze Mts. National Park – their ecological significance and geomorphic impact on hillslopes
09.10–09.25 Miroslav Svoboda, Pavel Janda, Vojtěch Čada & others
Variability of the disturbance regime in temperate mountain spruce forests of Central Europe
09.30–09.45 Jiří Flousek
Birds – a flagship group of long-term scientific and management activities in the Krkonose Mts
09.50–10.15 Coffee break
10.15–10.35 Stanislav Vacek, Vilém Podrázský, Otakar Schwarz & others
Status and development of the soils and tree compartment of forest ecosystemsand ecosystems above timberline in the Krkonoše Mts.NP in ears 1976–2012
10.40–10.55 Jakub Hruška, Filip Oulehle, Pavel Cudlín & others
Recovery from soil acidification and its effect on Norway spruce conditions
11.00–11.15 Antonín Buček & Jan Šebesta:
Long-term monitoring of mountain forests on research polygons in Eastern Carpathians
11:20 - 12:30 | Poster Session related to Session III (Montane Landscape)
Kasprzak Marek, Traczyk Andrzej & Tábořík Petr : Morphostructural conditions determining the evolution of the Izera river valley
Urban Grzegorz: Evaluation of accuracy of selected methods of calculation of the daily mean air temperature depending on atmospheric circulation (the case study of the Western Sudety Mountains and their foreland)
Goliáš Viktor, Hrušková Lenka, Przylibski Tadeusz Andrzej, Lipanský Tomáš & Černík Tomáš: Radioactive springs of the Krkonoše and Jizera Mts. as geological phenomena, healing sources and tourist attractions
Hladíková Zuzana, Strnadová Nina & Andrle Jaroslav: Water quality evaluation on the upper reach of river Labe, Úpa and Jizera in KRNAP
Suchánek Miloslav, Pošmourný Karel & Vaněk Jan: Monitoring of heavy metals in surface waters and stream sediments in the Krkonoše (Giant) Mountains
Bińczycki Tomasz, Weber Jerzy & Tyszka Rafał: Forms of selected heavy metals in soils of the upper parts of the Karkonosze Mountains
Šír Miloslav, Tesař Miroslav & Dvořák Igor: Extreme runoffs from the Modrý důl basin in the vegetation season
Tesař Miroslav & Šír Miloslav: Long-term hydroecological monitoring in the Krkonoše Mountains
Ceitel Jan, Zientarski Jacek & Raj Andrzej: Evaluation the influence of the distribution of Norway spruce seedlings on their survival and growth in the upper mountain zone in the Karkonoski National Park
Ceitel Jan, Zientarski Jacek & Raj Andrzej: Possibilities of group planting of beech seedlings (Fagus sylvatica L.) as the method of the spruce sand conversion in lower mountain zone in the Karkonoski National Park
Ceitel Jan, Zientarski Jacek & Raj Andrzej: Evaluation of the application of European larch as the pioneer species for the conversion of the species composition of the forests in the Karkonoski National Park
Cudlín Pavel, Vašutová Martina, Chmelíková Ewa, Beran Miroslav & Edwards Magda: 20-year investigation of Norway spruce tree health status and fungi occurrence on permanent plots in the Krkonoše Mts
Černý Martin & Russ Radek: Biomonitoring and operational inventory as a tool of forest assessment in KRNAP
Godek Michał, Błaś Marek, Sobik Mieczysław, Owczarek Piotr & Migała Krzysztof: Growth dynamics of Norway spruce (Picea abies) tree-rings in the context of fog deposition in the Karkonosze Mts
Holub Filip, Vašutová Martina, Edwards Magda, Dvořák Miloň & Cudlín Pavel: Does influence Norway spruce crown status the formation and functioning of its ectomycorrhizal association?
Ochtyra Adrian, Zagajewski Bogdan, Kozłowska Anna & Marcinkowska Adriana: Comparison of spruce forests condition in Karkonosze and Tatras
Raczko Edwin, Zagajewski Bogdan, Marcinkowska Adriana, Kupková Lucie & Ochtyra Adrian: Forest species classification of Karkonosze National Park using hyperspectral images and neural networks
Starý Martin, Čížková Pavla & Bečka Pavel: Natural regeneration of mountain spruce forest in areas with spontaneous succession – the latest results from the Biomonitoring project
Vacek Zdeněk & Bulušek Daniel: Structure and development of forest stands on the locality Bažinky in the Krkonoše Mts
Zwaduch Przemysław: Silver fir restitution in Stołowe Mountains National Park
Dobrowolska-Martini Karolina, Gramsz Bożena & Martini Marek: Observations of the rare bird species in the Polish part of Karkonosze Mts. in 2012
Dobrowolski Marek: Research on invertebrates in Karkonoski National Park - actual state and future requirements
Kůrka Antonín & Vaněk Jan: Spider fauna (Araneae) in beech forests of the Krkonoše Mts
Materna Jan: Tell me which species live in a forest and I’ll tell you what does the forest look like – Which organisms are the best indicators of forest habitat quality?
Mazur Andrzej & Dobrowolski Marek: Where is a center of biodiversity in the Karkonosze Mts.? About Staphylinids communities (Coleoptera, Staphylinidae) in the high mountain spruce forests in the Sudetes
Horáková Viera: Natura 2000 in the Krkonoše Mts
Marcinkowska Adriana, Zagajewski Bogdan, Kupkova Lucie, Jelenek Jan & Ochtyra Adrian: Condition of invasive plants of the Giant Mountains
Špatenková Irena, & Horáková Viera: Botanical inventory research of the Krkonoše Mts.
Wilk-Woźniak Elżbieta, Mróz Wojciech, Gadzinowska Joanna, Kukawski Mateusz, Piotrowicz Ryszard, Gąbka Maciej Dunalska Julita and others: The assessment of the state of water natural habitats in Karkonosze and Natura 2000 network in Poland
12:30 - 13:30 | Lunch
13:30 - 16:30 | Session IV Mountains and People (8 speakers)
Chair / Co-chair: Martin Šolar / Jakub Kašpar
13.30–13.45 Dorota Wojnarowicz, Jacek Potocki & Zygmunt Jała
Land use changes in the Karkonosze region in the period 1888-2008
13.50–14.05 Pavel Treml & Adam Beran
Impact of snowmaking on the runoff regime in the streams of the Krkonoše Mountains National Park
14.10–14.25 Miroslav Tesař & Miloslav Šír
Early warning system for flash floods in the Krkonoše Mountains
14.30–14.45 Jana Müllerová, Michaela Vítková & Ondřej Vítek
The impact of roads: effects on soil and species composition in a nutrient poor environment of the Krkonoše Mts alpine tundra
14.50–15.20 Coffee break
15.20–15.35 Krzysztof R. Mazurski
The Karkonosze National Park and the English Geopark: Comparative Study of Protection and Education
15.40–15.55 Zygmunt Jała, Monika Rusztecka, Daniel Starczewski & Dorota Wojnarowicz
Karkonosze/Krkonose in INSPIRE- common GIS in nature protection
16.00–16.15 Bogdan Zagajewski, Lucie Kupková, Krzysztof M. Markowicz, Anna Kozłowska & others
EUFAR‘s HyMountEcos - documentation and mapping project of the Karkonosze area
16:20 - 17:20 | Poster Session related to Session IV (Mountains and People)
Bujalský Luděk, Harmáčková Zuzana & Vačkář David: Long-term socialecological research in Krkonoše: an ecosystem service perspective
Dvořák Igor Jan, Burda Jiří, Čurda Jan and others: Geological Factors of the Environment of the Giant Mountains and their Foothills
Gryszel Piotr: “Highlanders style of The Karkonosze” i.e. natural and cultural heritage of Polish Karkonosze Mountains as the tourism oriented product. Status and directions of tourism development in The Karkonosze Mountains
Knapik Roksana & Migoń Piotr: Problems of geotourism management in the Karkonosze National Park
Kucharska Magdalena & Sidorczuk Magdalena: The geological-tourist maps of Polish National Parks
Marcinkowska Adriana, Zagajewski Bogdan, Ochtyra Adrian, Raczko Edwin and others: Hyperspectral images and artificial neural networks for vegetation mapping of Karkonosze National Park
Mierczyk Monika, Zagajewski Bogdan, Roksana Knapik, Kupková Lucie and others: Hyperspectral tools for rock and mineral mapping of Karkonosze
Kupková Lucie, Pomáhačová Michaela, Březina Stanislav & Andrle Jaroslav: Remote sensing for meadows associations monitoring in the Krkonoše National Park
Traczyk Andrzej & Kasprzak Marek: Digital geomorphological map of the Polish Karkonosze Mountains
Zagajewski Bogdan & Kozłowska Anna: Assessment of neural networks and Imaging Spectroscopy for vegetation classification of the High Tatras
Zagajewski Bogdan, Kupkova Lucie, Marcinkowska Adriana, Ochtyra Adrian and others: Analysis of the mountain meadows’ condition the Polish Karkonosze National Park using remote sensing and biometric measurements
17:30 - 18:30 | Plenary Closing Session, Conference feedback & conclusions
20:00 - 21:00 | Gala dinner
21:00 - 22:00 | Awards ceremony for the long-time contribution to scientific research in the Giant Mountains
22:00 - 00:30 | Entertainment with music and dancing
07:30 - 08:30 | Full-day guided excursions
08:30 - 17:30 | 8 options according participant´s registration (some changes are possible)
All excursions will start in front of Hotel Harmony at 8.30 a.m.
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